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Jul 21 10 Poised to Redefine and Reshape the URL-Shortener Landscape

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FREEPORT, The Bahamas. — Initially, one of the most prized aspects of the Internet was its seemingly boundless capacity. As its use has evolved, however, and the practical limitations of usefulness and usability have become clearer, there has been a shift toward the small. URLs are often incredibly cumbersome and this can interfere with ease of sharing pertinent, entertaining, and educational resources with colleagues, clients, friends, and family. is proud to announce that it has simplified this exchange with its advanced free URL-shortening service. is a free web-based service that is simple to use from the outset. An intuitive user interface and highly focused purpose make it easy to use for even the least experienced internet user. In a matter of seconds, users can “crumble” a website address, saving characters and anonymizing the link, which can be customized as you wish. Two features of that set it apart from its competitors are the ability to password-protect the links that you crumble and to limit the number of visitors that can follow a link before it is deactivated. This takes privacy to a new level and ensures that the only people who have access to the information you are sharing are those for whom it is intended. offers a slick alternative to boring, tech-centric services. You can leave a crumb trail to help others find their way, and you can trust that they will be able to do so securely. Currently, can be implemented as a WordPress plug-in or browser bookmarklet. was recently added to the surl library. Surl is a URL-shortening application that works with a wide array of services, including,,, and Our API has gone public and can be found at

To get started crumbling your way to sharper link-sharing, visit http:// today. Easy. Secure. Tasty. Crumble it!


Based in Freeport, Grand Bahama, http:// does not take itself too seriously. But they regard user experience, privacy, and security as matters of the utmost importance and aim to deliver the best and most convenient service possible. The tools offered currently and those that are projected in the near future are ideal for the microblogging explosion and can help to set users apart from the sea of abbreviated URLs. That is how the cookie crumbles, and cookies are delicious.

Jul 20 10 Bookmarklet

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Hi everyone! The bookmarklet is ready to be shared with the world!!!! Bookmarklet

Drag the link above into your toolbar and shorten links directly from your browser wherever you go!

Now it is even easier to crumble it!

Jul 13 10 API is here!!!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Which API is best for you?
  3. “Simpleshorten”
  4. Advanced Shorten


First of all, we’d like to thank you for your interest in! is a url shortening service with a very simple API. All will be explained in this documentation, which will explore the options available, help you decide which is right for you, and give examples as to how to actually develop with in mind.

Good luck, and thanks again. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via twitter. @Crum_bs

Which API is best for you?

Which API is best for you is a matter of what options you want your users to have when shortening their urls, and whether you are prepared to use a more complicated request for data, as well as a more complicated parsing of a response.

Below are a list of questions you should ask yourself to help decide which is better to use:

  • Are you prepared to…
    • submit form data?
    • parse JSON?
  • Would your users benefit from…
    • url limits and password protection?
    • being able to edit the description?
  • Are cross domain requests a problem (Javascript users)?
  • Do the features of the advanced API outweigh the potential extra code/libraries/complexity of it, when compared with simpleshorten?


“Simpleshorten” is a very simple and easy way to generate shortened links. To use “Simpleshorten”, simply use the following API syntax:[insert url here]

An example response:

One of the major drawbacks with simpleshorten is the lack of errors. If there is an error, simpleshorten will send an empty response. Errors include malformed urls and no url. On the other hand, simpleshorten is incredibly easy to build into your application. Because there is no JSON surrounding the url, or any extra information, it greatly simplifies the process of getting the url back into your app.

Please note: The user must be aware that by using the shortening service through your app, they are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Advanced Shorten

Advanced Shorten gives the developer powerful features for his application’s shortened links. All the options available on the website are also offered on the API. This means an app can take advantage of password protecting links, limiting the amount of visits to a link, and editing the description of the link its self.

Advanced Shorten uses POST requests to send data. The reason for this is because it is standard practice for APIs to use POST when submitting data, and GET when requesting data. Simpleshorten flouts this rule for the sake of simplicity and for those whom are affected by cross domain request restrictions.

Advanced Shorten sends responses in JSON. Learn about JSON here. is also a valuable resource, which includes many links to libraries for your apps’ language.

Example POST variables:

url = ""
desc = " is a web development blog."
custom = "jhamelink"
password = "fdlk45nb05f"
limit = 200
terms = 1

An example response with the above variables:

{"short":"","url":"","id":"55","date":[date],"submitip":[submit ip],"limit":200}
Jul 7 10

New developments – WordPress Plugins

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Hi everyone,

We just launched last week and we are receiving an amazing response. Thank you!

We have released 2 wordpress plugins for crums ( You can download them here –

The first pluign is a wordpress widget. You can allow vistors to your website to crumble links on the go.

The second plugin is the CRumbs Retweet plugin. – You can add a ‘ReTweet” link  to your wordpress post and when the user clicks on that link, the post is automatically crumbled and posted to twitter. You can download this plugin here:-

We are working on some more features and will try to roll out new features on a regular basis. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at or on twitter @crum_bs

Jul 5 10

Hi, We’re

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Welcome to, where you can crumble it, all day all night!!!

From here you can keep up to date with the development side of, submit any feedback, ask questions or contact us just to say hi.